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  1. BCW Sports Card Collector Starter Kit


    The kit allows for storage for up to 450 Sports, Gaming or Trading Cards. You can display of 25 Special Cards in the Card Top Load Holders. The kit features 500 soft polypropylene card sleeves to protect cards while storing...
  2. Semi-Rigid Card Holders


    The best graded card submission sleeve in the market. These deluxe holders are a real time saver and offer sturdy protection. They work great when mailing in your cards for grading. BCW 9Mil Semi-Rigid Card Holders are made from rigid,...
  3. 3x5 Tall Toploader


    3 X 5 toploading holders are designed to hold cards, photos or prints that measure no bigger than 3 x 5. The PVC used in BCW Toploads contain no plasticizers or stearates. Our high impact grade PVC does not migrate...