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  1. Legends Of Batman Knightquest Batman Figurine


    He calls himself Knightquest Batman and wears and armored suit with soaring wings on his back. Knightquest Batman puts new fear into the hearts of the underworld. He comes with a red outfit, black wings, and official collectors card. Kenner 1994....
  2. The New Batman Adventures Detective Batman Figurine


    This is a Batman figurine. he is wearing his traditional gray, black, and yellow outfit. He comes with missile flight patch and infrared lens decoder. He is in great condition, in original packaging. Made by Kenner in 1997.
  3. Batman The Animated Series Ninja Power Batman & Robin Figurine


    This pack comes with two figurines Batman and Robin. They are wearing their ninja power outfits that is black red and gold. They come with their black and red duo-power ninja weapons. They are in great condition, inside the packaging....
  4. Hot Wheels Batman Vs. Superman Armored Batman Mini Figure & Batmobile car


    Celebrate the new Batman Vs. Superman Dawn of Justice movie and engage The Greatest Super Hero Battle of All Time with this exciting 1:64 scale Hot Wheels Batmobile and two-inch Mighty Mini articulated Armored Batman figure. Both feature movie-inspired details...
  5. New Batman Adventures Crime Fighting Robin Figurine


    The New Batman Adventures 1997 Crime Fighter Robin with Redwing Sky-fighter and Mirror Decoder. Based on the revamped Batman The Animated Series, this figurine has red pants instead of the original green pants. Made By Kenner.
  6. Batman the Animated Series Turbojet Batman Figurine


    This figure is Fully articulated and comes with firing wrist rocket and pivoting engines,it was produced by Kenner in 1992 as part of theBatman the Animated Series.  Features: Fully articulated, he is in great condition in packaging. Item Dimensions: 12...
  7. BATMAN #361


    This Batman comic was published July 1983 Making it a Bronze age comic. Written by Doug Moench Art by Don Newton Cover by Dick Giordano , Ed Hannigan.
  8. "The Joker I" Jack Nicholson - Batman 1989


    "Joker 1" Batman movie - showing Jack Nicklaus as Joker. Displaying Famous Smile Shots from the Joker. Also cartoon piece in it as well. 
  9. Batman Begins With Crime Scene Evidence Figurine


    Experience the denizens of Gotham City in all their heroic or hideous glory with Movie Masters collectible figures. These highly detailed figures give you an up-close-and-personal look at the unsettling presentation of Scarecrow and the subtleties of Batman's suit. Collect...
  10. Batman Arkham Knight Catwoman Figurine


     From the highly anticipated Batman: Arkham Knight videogame, Catwoman, Commissioner Gordon, Nightwing and Robin come to life in these new action figures based on their appearance in the game! Each figure comes with multiple accessories! 
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